Frequently Asked Questions

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What does pet sitting mean?
Pet sitting can mean different things to many people. To us, any pets left at home under our care is considered a pet sitting client. We offer overnight sleepovers for dogs that have separation anxiety or need medical supervision, we can do 3-4 drop-ins a day for your dogs so they stick to their normal potty break routine, and we also check in on cats.

Please see the services page for pricing and information for drop-ins.

We do not offer live-in care or 24/7 care.

Do you take dogs to dog parks?

Unfortunately, no. For the safety and well-being of your pet, we do not take your dog to any dog parks or let them off-leash while in our care. We also believe that dog parks pose high risks due to many factors.

*Note that we do not let any other animals interact with your pets, including humans, unless it is an emergency.

Why do you need to meet my dog before any services are booked?

After years of experiences, in order to best serve you and your pets, we absolutely need to meet them in your home before confirming any services. This ensures that everyone will be safe during my visits or stay. 

Note that we usually charge $15-25 for our meet n greets. When we are there, we start off by meeting one another and making sure your pets feel safe and seen. We can confirm the booking during this time and go over schedule, details, etc. We then do a home walk-through to go through care and make sure I am ready to stay with your pets in your home. We also can exchange keys when we are there and feel comfortable booking services.

We charge a $15 key pick up and drop off fee if we cannot leave in a safe place so we recommend having two keys or two modes of entry available if we decide to work together. Lockboxes are a fantastic option as well!

We offer virtual meet n greets for cats or other animals.

My friend/neighbor/family member is sleeping here overnight but need help during the day, can you visit my pets to feed them and let them out?

Unfortunately, we do not job-share with friends, family members, or other pet sitters for many reasons. Our insurance policy is considered null and void when others are also caring for your pets and we take your pet’s safety seriously.

We will only service your pets if we are their caretaker while you are away. If we see or notice that others are there in between our visits, we will automatically stop our visits with no refunds

Why do you need to check on my cat everyday?

Cats may be anti-social but any responsible pet sitter will tell you that going longer than approx. 24 hours could be lethal for many reasons. Cats can knock over their only source of water, they can turn on sinks and flood your house,  your house AC/Heat could malfunction, etc. It is for their safety while in our care and also gives us an opportunity to make sure your house is secure. 

Why do we need to pay at the time of booking?

All of our services are first pay, first serve, especially overnights, which can only be booked for one person a night and is our most sought after service. In order to best serve all of our clients, we require payment upon booking any services. This insures our time for your pets and also prevents time spent tracking down delinquent payments after the service has been rendered. Overall, this has created less stress for our clients.

What if I need to cancel?

Once Overnights have been booked, they are 50% non-refundable due to them being our most popular service and our owner, Katie, is the only team member able to perform them due to employee labor laws.

Normal Cancellation/Service Change Policy for walks, vacation visits, evening tuck-ins, and remaining services, excluding your deposit:
24 Hours or less: No Service Credit / Full Service Charge.
24-48 Hours Notice: 20% Service Credit to apply to future services
3-6 Days Notices: 40% Service Credit to apply to future services
7-14 Days Notice : 60% Service Credit to apply to future services
15-21 Days Notice: 80% Service Credit to apply to future services
22 Days or More Notice: 90% Service Credit to apply to future services

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