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Why hire a professional team?

Being a professional is much more than just taking care of your pets: It is our mission to provide amazing quality care each and every time we walk into your home. Rest assured that our pet sitters and dog walkers are all background checked, hand-trained by our founder, insured, bonded, trained in first aid and Canine CPR. We are always positive reinforcement only and always force-free. Founded by an animal rights advocate, our team is diverse and qualified to handle many situations with a compassionate hand. Not only do we have reviews and recommendations, but we come with decades of experience with animals, all shapes and sizes!  Our insurance protects your pets and home in the event of an emergency and we have pet sitting software that tracks our services when we are with your pets.

When I travel, what are the benefits of leaving my pets at home instead of dropping them off somewhere?

Keeping your pet at home offers many benefits, including:

  • Your pet gets to stay in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds.

  • By staying at home, animals are less likely to experience anxiety and stress.

  • Traveling in a vehicle can be traumatic for pets, but when they stay at home, they are spared from this stress.

  • Your pet can continue to follow their customary diet and exercise routine, ensuring their health and well-being.

  • Staying at home prevents your pet from being exposed to illnesses from other animals.

  • They will enjoy walks and plenty of outdoor time to stretch their legs and explore.

  • If your pet has special dietary needs or preferences, they can be easily accommodated at home.

  • Most importantly, your pet will receive love and personal attention while you are away, ensuring they feel cared for and cherished.


While most pets thrive when they stay in their own home, there are some cases where a boarding facility may be a better fit. If you are uncertain about what is best for your pet, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your pet’s needs and find the optimal solution for their well-being.

How do your services benefit me, the Human?

We strive to provide exceptional, personalized service for you and your beloved pet(s), ensuring their individual needs are met. Some of the benefits of working with us:

  • We are a bonded and insured service, providing peace of mind and assurance.

  • You are spared the inconvenience and potential trauma of transporting your pet(s) to a different location.

  • In case of last-minute emergencies such as hospitalization or crises, we offer prompt assistance.

  • We keep you updated through our app or email, so you can stay informed about your pet(s) while you’re away.

  • Our key program ensures secure access to your home and enables smooth visits.

  • We have thorough disaster plans in place, specifically designed to handle situations like flooding or blizzards.

  • Our user-friendly scheduling software puts you in control of planning the exact visits that best suit your needs.

  • You don’t have to rely on friends, neighbors, or relatives to take care of your pet(s).

  • Our services also act as a crime deterrent, with additional measures like adjusting blinds, lights, TV and radio, as well as bringing in mail and removing papers from the driveway to ensure the security of your home.

  • You can leave home without worries, knowing that your pet(s) are in capable hands.

  • Whenever you return home, even at odd hours, you will find your pet(s) healthy, happy, and eagerly awaiting your return.

  • Our services prioritize minimizing stress, both for your pet(s) and for you.

  • We provide you with direct access to contact your pet-sitter at any time to check on your pets.

  • We also take care of your mail, newspapers, and packages, ensuring they are brought in for you.

  • Your plants will be watered, ensuring their well-being during your absence.

  • Above all, our services provide you with peace of mind, knowing your home and pets are attentively watched over by a responsible, caring team.

My neighbor wants to help care for my pets but can't help every day we are gone. Can we book you just in case?

Unfortunately, we do not job-share with friends, neighbors, extended family members, or other pet sitters for many reasons – all safety related! While having a trusted neighbor or friend pop in and care for your pet(s) seems simple, there are many factors to consider. Hiring Pawsitive Vibes Petcare means you don’t impose on your friends and their busy schedules. Also, should an emergency come up with your friend, your pet(s) may be left without care. If you’re ever delayed, we are always prepared to continue watching your pet(s) until you can safely make it home.

We will only service your pets while you travel if we are their full-time caretakers while you are away. If we see or notice that others are there in between our visits without our consent, we reserve the right to stop, delay, or shorten our visits for our own safety and liability. 

Why do you need to check on my cat every day while I am gone?

Cats may be anti-social but any responsible pet sitter will tell you that going longer than approximately 24-hours could be lethal for many reasons. Healthwise, your cats could knock over their only source of water and become severely dehydrated, have a medical episode with days alone, ingest something dangerous, or get an intestinal blockage that we are not aware of. Additionally, they can turn on sinks and flood your house, your house AC/Heat could malfunction causing health and home issues, or your cat could get stuck in a room without their food, water, or litter box. We require a visit within 24 hours of you leaving and arriving home.

Do you take dogs to dog parks or let dogs off leash?

For the safety and well-being of your pet, we do not take your dog to any dog parks or let them off-leash while in our care. We are happy to play fetch in your yard or take your pup on long walks in parks for enrichment rather than take a risk!

*We try our best to not let any other animals interact with your pets, including humans, unless it is an emergency or it has been approved by our clients and our owner. 

Why do we need to pay at the time of booking?

All of our services are first pay, first serve and our clients pay when they request services. In order to best serve all of our clients, we require payment upon booking services. This insures our time for your pets and also prevents time spent tracking down delinquent payments after the service has been rendered. Overall, this has created less stress for our clients!

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